Crit passed

wine glass

A crit. The very words fill every student teacher with dread. A necessary part of every placement where a 50 mins snapshot of your teaching is assessed and reported on and feed back given to help improve your teaching as you head towards your probation year. Sounds fairly straight forward doesn’t it, and after all we are teaching every day during our placements surely this is just another day? Think again! As soon as you know the day of your crit your school experience is planned around it and there is no point in pretending anything to the contrary.

So here are my top 5 tips for your crit lesson

1. Plan – as you know when the crit is plan towards it so you know what stage the pupils are at and what you will be covering that day

2. Get your resources checked by a teacher in the department – trust me a tutor will notice a typo!

3. Sleep – a good nights sleep before your crit is vital

4. Continue with the rest of your day as normal – if you have classes to teach before or after your crit then teach them, yes this is an unusual day but try and keep your school routine as settled as possible

5. Meet and greet your tutor – chances are you know the person coming to see you, be nice, they haven’t suddenly grown scales and a forked tongue! It will help relax you – yes I know you don’t believe me but it will

And finally… keep calm and carry on!



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