Teaching and feet

I have often been confronted with the phrase ‘I don’t know how you walk all day in those’ with regard to my choice of footwear. I like my high heels and, yes, I can spend the entire day on my feet teaching in them without discomfort. Taking good care of your feet when you are teaching is important and something which cannot be ignored. Here are a few hints and tips:


1. Most people hate their feet, and lets be honest they aren’t the nicest part of our anatomy, but they is no reason to treat them badly. Buy a nice foot lotion and pamper your feet a couple of times a week. Women spend an average of 45mins – 1hr a week on their hands and nails – even giving your feet a fraction of that time will be worth it.

2. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day (flats, boots or heels) – change is good.

3. You are going to walk a lot while teaching – if you can’t walk in them don’t wear them. Something with a strap if you are wearing heels is advisable.

4. Keep a spare pair of flats or comfortable shoes in your class – there is nothing worse that pain in your feet and not being able to do anything about it.

5. Make sure your socks aren’t too tight – sweaty feet / restricted feet = uncomfortable feet

And finally.. Keep an eye on the surfaces you have to use a lot – slippy, shiny corridors and metal tipped heels is not a good combination – I know this one from experience!


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