Why are we waiting… school allocation for probation year


Don’t you just hate waiting. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues and when you’ve passed that final crit, you’ve got your school report and rumors abound (mostly via Facebook) about when the GTCS are going to be in touch, frustrations and speculations can drive you mad. The best thing to do is just try not to think about it, hard as that may be, and just concentrate on finishing the last couple of weeks of the PGDE. Every year is different and even if your friends who have previously done the course knew in their last week of placement there is no guarantee that you will know then.


From personal experience I know that especially those who have ticked the anywhere box May can be a time of particular frustration as you feel that you can’t commit to anything for the second half of the year and every conversation has IF in the majority of sentences. Gabh air do shocair agus ol fion! Chill out and drink some wine! When you know you’ll know and there is no point in over thinking it. They aren’t purposely withholding the info from you and each council moves at its own pace.


When you get your council you may have to wait a bit longer for the specific school but the first thing to do is email your council contact with a quick hello and give them the best email and phone number to contact you on – don’t pester them constantly, this will not make them give you your school any faster. Its a good idea to do a bit of research on the council – this will help calm your nerves and if you are anything like me actually help you know exactly where you are going!

Finally, when you do get the name of your school contact them as soon as possible to arrange a meeting / visit if possible (one of my friends got a school in Shetland which obviously isn’t quite as accessible as other places).


And remember – you’ve finished a pretty intense year, the adventure is only just beginning!


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