The summer between student and probation

Summer holidays – since leaving uni the first time and finishing my PGDE (a gap of 5 years) I haven’t really had a summer holiday. Even then I worked for the four summers between the end of school and uni so really it is 9 years since I had a protracted break in the summer. Despite that I have to say that after a few weeks of it I am actually quite bored. For the first few weeks I was actually a bit listless and without purpose until I got the timetable from my new school at the end of June. Now, even if I don’t do anything all day, at least I have something to do!

The timetable itself is both scary and exciting with 101 thoughts going around in my head of the different things I could do with each of my classes but at the same time I am acutely aware that the summer is there to be enjoyed especially as both my parents don’t let school enter their heads till the beginning of August.

It is a balance I’m finding quite difficult especially because of the amazingly good weather and the countdown to moving all my things to the other side of the country but I have restricted myself to 1hr of school work a day – the point where the midges come out!

This is a summer of limbo between being a student teacher and being a NQT  and I say enjoy it as much as possible but keep one eye on the future because when the first day of school starts in August you have your classes waiting and you are not giving them back to anyone after 6 weeks like on placement and you have to have something ready to teach.



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