Irrsurrection by Robyn Young


Insurrection is the first in Robyn Young’s second trilogy of historical novels. Her hugely successful first trilogy Brethren, Crusade and Requiem based on the knights templar were a great success and the beginning of her new adventure series set during the Scottish Wars of Independence following the life of Robert the Bruce promises to be just as successful.

Insurrection follows Robert from his childhood to his adolescence and coming of age at the court of Edward I till the battle of Falkirk. It is extremely well researched and includes probable elements based on knowledge of the period that can’t be verified as well as sections from the authors imagination which combine to provide an enthralling novel. The battle scenes are described in vivid detail and the supernatural and superstitious elements are woven through the narrative in a sympathetic and engaging manner which adds to rather than obscures from the story.

I bought this book in a 3 for 2 deal in Waterstones a few years ago and it is not the type of book I would usually pick but I can honestly say that I couldn’t put it down. I consumed this 600 page book in less than a week and would definitely recommend it to people who like history and to those who like fiction. I look forward to the second book Renegade which is published later this year.


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