Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

I first read this book in the early 2000s when it was published and according to the bookmark, an old cinema ticket tucked inbetween the pages, it was 2005 the last time I picked it up.  Sarah Waters third novel Fingersmith has lost none of the excitment and interest that it had on my first reading.

Waters’ keeps her chosen genre of historical fiction with a saphic twist fresh by combining it with a mystery and utalising the voices of the two main characters in different parts of the book. Technically we hear the same story twice, once from Sue’s point of view and once from Maud’s, before the voices converged in the third part which concludes the novel. The main characters are well constructed and it is clear that Waters has thought through every twist and turn of their thought processes in detail. The conclusion is well rounded and leaves the reader satisfied with the characters’ situations. This book was made into a 2 part tv drama by the BBC and stared Elaine Cassidy and Sally Hawkins as the main protaganists with Imelda Stauton and Charles Dance in supporting roles. Unusually it stickes very faithfully to the book which I believe is in part due to the supurb characteristation.


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