Weekend away and Monday morning: school and life planning

I have commented before about the importance of having a work life balance and I stand by my previous posts that this is an essential part of both your PGDE and probation year – for your sanity if nothing else! However, the practicalities of this are not always as straightforward as I have experienced in the last two weeks. This time of year is always very busy for me and in the last 2 weekends I have been to both Mull and Glasgow and after arriving home on Sunday evening turning my mind to Monday morning and the weeks lessons have not counted amongst my favorite moments. Here are some things that I have noted in dealing with weekend enjoyment and weekday practicalities:

1. Do something that doesn’t require a lot of advanced prep – make it easier for yourself

2. Change your plan – no one knows but you that you were going to do something else, give yourself a break

3. Don’t feel guilty about having enjoyed yourself at the weekend – it is good for you!

4. You don’t have to make every lesson an all singing and dancing one

5. Remember the pupils aren’t always on top form on a Monday either (or a Friday for that matter)

6. It is alright not to have done the marking that you were going to do – just don’t keep ignoring it for too long!

7. Revision on a Monday is always a good plan – you can kill 20 mins of a period going over old ground

8. Don’t gloat too much about the great time you had – some of your colleagues may have spent the weekend behind a pile of jotters.

9. Prioritise – I split my to-do list into 4: vital, needs to be done today, needs to be done this week, can wait. Just look at the first 2 bits.

And finally – housework can always wait! Hoovering and the dishes are not a priority.


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