How many likes would I get from my pupils?

It is quite sad but when I get likes on by facebook posts I have a mini smile, it is a form of belonging, of acceptance by other people (the 67 likes on one last week was very nice).  However, it set me thinking if my pupils were to like me like a post or a status would they? And do I need them to like me? Do I need that from them? Does it actually matter or is it just another case of me looking for acceptance?

Part of me wants them to ‘like’ me as for at least the next 8 months I will see them several times a week. I have had a number of comments from pupils, including some classed as difficult, that I am ‘liked’ and from staff that I have a good rapport with my different classes. It is hard sometimes to keep the balance between building rapport and getting a bit of craic and being the authoritarian, the grown up and the teacher. Getting a ‘like’ from pupils is probably a bit steep from some but as long as you are seen as not bad or alright then that is pretty close to a like as teachers of teenagers are going to get.


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