Ruining it for themselves

We’ve all been there – the lesson goes reasonably well and in the last 30 seconds something happens (I’m never quite sure what) which resulting in raised voices, anarchy and you having to sit down and give demerits. This is always annoying and continually frustrating – the phrase “it was all going so well” comes to mind. I have made the point before that one good lesson does not a good class make but neither does 30 seconds of idiocy make a bad class. It is a question of maintaining standards and not letting your guard down till the last second – especially with the more difficult classes.

I had described this behaviour to the pupils as “ruining it for yourselves” – keeping up the good behaviour and standards right to the end of the lesson is something that they all have to learn to do and something that we, as teachers, have to monitor. Just before lunch and last class in the day are the hardest times as the pupils are continually clock watching – tough on pupils but also tough on teachers.

We have to strive to get the best out our pupils both academically and behaviourally not just for 90% of the period but for the full 100%.


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