Where has the time gone?

OMG! It is now St Andrew’s weekend and there are 3 weeks till the Christmas holidays. It hardly seems a month has past since I started in my new job and now my head is full of deadlines and decisions that have to be made asap before the madness of 2014 begins and the furious march towards the exams gets into full swing.

These thoughts, at times, can be overwhelming, and I admit that I sometimes have preferred to do the little jobs that don’t make much of a difference rather than address some of the big issues. Time, however, has got away from me and I now have no choice but to knuckle down and get the work done over the next 3 weeks. It will be hard but when the chips are down and time is definitely not on your side this is really the only option.

It is not the actual lesson prep. that becomes a problem – that will always get done – but the background paperwork which no one tells you about during your teacher training. This is, I believe, the hardest and most time consuming part of a teacher’s job.

So in this case definitely do as I say and not what I have done. Keep up to date with the tracking spreadsheets, the es and os, the uasps/nabs/whatever we are meant to call them and don’t leave it till the end of term. Time waits for no man and definitely waits for no teacher!


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