New term, new attitude

The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things – so the rhyme goes. Well given the amount of dinners and get togethers I’ve gone to during the Christmas holidays I’m surprised I’m not the siza of a walrus and there are many things that have to be talked of and done in the new term.

Onwards & Upwards! Art Print

One of my new year resolutions in regard to school is to have a new positive attitude. I feel in the latter part of last term I did a lot of complaining and let the little things get to me unnecessarily. Therefore I feel that this new term prompts a new attitude towards myself as a teacher and towards my pupils, however much annoyance they have caused me previously. This, I know, may be difficult but I am resolved to keep this one, perhaps more strictly than the one to do more exercise and eat healthily, as I feel that it will have an effect on other parts of my life outside school.

This is a long term and there is a lot to get done but it is all do-able and I am looking forward to the next set of challenges. A positive attitude and all the good things that I have to look forward to can only be a good thing. Onwards and upwards!


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