The future’s bright, the future’s orange! I don’t actually care what colour it is, I just want a job in it! When you start teacher training you have 2 years of guaranteed occupation – 1 as a student and your probation year. Then comes the scary moment in the spring of your probation year when reality hits – some of you may be applying for your first full time job and others, like myself, haven’t looked at job specification etc. for years. Even if you have had a previous career, teaching applications are on a whole different level to anything I’d certainly seen before.

So here are a few tips for the application process:

1. Get the easy boxes filled in asap – qualifications, basic details, references – it makes you feel like you’ve achieved something

2. Work history – make sure you put in your student placements as separate jobs. Its good to be able to put extra bits of information in here.

3. Courses – this means CPD and you should have all this in your GTCS profile already. A slightly faffy section but not difficult to fill in.

4. Personal statement / application questions – write down everything in a word document. It will be far too long but it will show you just how much you’ve done in one year.

5. Character count – this is hard bit comes when you have to condense everything you want to say. Type it in word, then copy and paste into the application – the form doesn’t allow for easy editing. NB It is characters with spaces.

6. Mock interview – if you’d like some practice for your interview there will usually be someone happy to give you a mock interview. My school even did it will a panel of people!

7. Spelling – not my forte but there is nothing more likely to put off a prospective employer than bad spelling and typos.

8. Examples – ask other new teachers in the school if you can see a copy of their application. Most will be happy to help.

9. Advice – ask your mentor or PT to have a look over your application. They know what other PTs and headteachers are looking for so take the advice and use to your advantage to make your application the best it can be.

10. Time – you usually have 2 weeks from when an advert appears to when applications have to be in. Try to have it in before the last day if possible – this creates a good impression and allows you have a bit of breathing space before potential interviews.


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