The Graduate by Charles Webb

This is one of those books that I didn’t know was a book! The classic film with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft is so well known it has obscured and overshadowed the original novel.


In terms of character I found myself getting quite irritated with Benjamin. His lack of ambition, inability to accept responsibility for his actions and how unfocused his is started to grate on me. His whiny rants and serious attitude problem would have put me off him immediately if I was Mrs Robinson or Elaine.


I didn’t dislike this book but I was not sorry to finish it. I thought perhaps if I hadn’t known the film first I would have enjoyed it more but in reality it isn’t really that interesting and the story isn’t very enthralling. It is certainly of its time and Charles Webb’s problem is that we don’t find the cougar concept as shocking in the 2010s as it was in the 1960s.


We all know the story so well and the Simon and Garfunkel track seemed to buzz around my head as I steamrollered through the 250 page. Overall it is a nice, quick easy read and perfect for those without a lot of time on their hands.


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