The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

hungar gamesSimilar to the Twlight series, I decided to read The Hunger Games trilogy after seeing the first 2 films and the general buzz that they have generated worldwide. My overall impression was very favorable especially the first two book but I was a bit disappointed by the third which I felt moved a bit too quickly and the ending and climax of the series was a bit abrupt.

The concept of PanAm is certainly terrifying in its correlations to today’s reality TV obsessed celebrity and the centralisation of governments across the world. The ever present thought that this version of reality could become reality in either Europe or America sticks in the mind throughout the unfolding drama including the slightly more magical elements. The heroine Katniss has the right amount of teenage angst coupled with adult responsibility and gravitas which makes her the ideal role model and protagonist. The rebellious teenager of the rebellion does come to the fore a bit more in the final book however at times when you would have thought she should have matured.

Collins creates a great fictional world which could so easily become our reality which is what makes it so enthralling. A great read for adults and teenagers. The praise for the trilogy has not been exaggerated and I’m sure interest will be renewed with the release of the Mockingjay films.


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