The White Cockade and other Jacobite tales by Stuart McHardy

white cockadeStuart McHardy’s collection of short stories from the Jacobite rebellions is great insight into the folklore and storytelling of this famous period in Scottish history. Engagingly written and easy to follow McHardy sheds light on the forgotten tales from 1715 through to 1746 and gives the reader a different slant on what is to many a well known era of history. My personal favourites are the stories of women who apart from Flora MacDonald and Lady Ann Mackintosh are largely forgotten by most in the patriarchal remembrance of wars. In addition Bonnie Prince Charlie and the usual main players are consigned to the sidelines and some stories from the communities that rose for the Jacobites and tales of the ordinary soldiers are given the recognition they deserve.

This is a great book to dip in and out of and is enthralling from beginning to end. After reading it I bought another in the series for a friend, The Silver Chanter and other piping tales, and similar praise has been forthcoming. Writing short stories is difficult and much underestimated art form which McHardy excels in.


One thought on “The White Cockade and other Jacobite tales by Stuart McHardy

  1. Hi Ceitidh! I stumbled across this post when I was looking for reviews of the above book before I bought it. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed browsing your blog, especially your concise book reviews 🙂

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