To print or not to print?


To print or not to print that is the question? Should we keep printing and photocopying to a minimum or does the practicality of teaching in some circumstances make this impossible? It doesn’t matter how many times you say DON’T WRITE ON THE SHEET there will always be a few who will or the sheet will come back in a sorry looking condition anyway.

The trick, I believe, is to come up with creative ways of printing and still saving paper, ink and budgets. Here are my top 10 tips for printing.

1. double sided – seems simple and obvious but it is cheaper

2. PDF booklets – my latest discover and so useful. Creat the document in word. Pages must be in multiples of 4. Save as a pdf and when printing click booklet. 4 pages = 1 double sided piece of paper.
Downside – its a bit small.

3. all tests = 1 print job. This is something I plan for next year when I have all my resources finished.

4. Don’t keep paper copies of everything – with the cloud, glow, back up servers and memory sticks there is no need to keep copies of everything ‘just in case’. Also gives you more space in folders for the things you do need to keep.

5. Emails – obvious to most but some people still print off emails with all the contacts in it. If you have to print an email then put it in a word doc first so you don’t get the huge distribution list taking up a page and a half.

6. Online past papers – don’t waste time and paper printing these off. Set the pupils the electronic version instead.

7. Sharing resources – send it by email even if it is just down the corridor.

8. When doing things for outside organisations make them pay for the photocopying and printing

9. More than one subject? Make sure the correct budget is being charged. This includes tutor group resources.

And finally

10. Keep and eye on the budget – check every month to see how much you are spending and sort out any discrepancies asap.


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