The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory

kings curse

The King’s Curse is the last in Philippa Gregory’s acclaimed Cousins War series which focuses on the lives of the women during and after the Wars of the Roses. This final novel is centered on Margaret Pole, a Plantagenet princess who was forced to marry an obscure country knight and who has spent her life trying to avoid the fate of the majority of her kin during the reign of the Tudors.

I have enjoyed Gregory’s engaging style of writing for well over a decade and this latest book doesn’t disappoint. My only criticism is that it covers too long a time span – nearly 40 years. This is in stark contrast the other books in the series which cover 5 years each at most. It at times seems both rushed and laborious. It is a good conclusion to the series but I feel this final life story could have been handled better.

Philippa Gregory can be credited with re-vitalising the genre of the historical novel in the 21st century. Her books are always well researched and engaging and her first person style of writing gives each of the subjects she tackles a real, authentic and personal voice.


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