Resource overload

foldersI have a problem. You might think it isn’t an important problem and you may thing ‘I should be so lucky’. However, my name is Miss Smith and I have too many resources.

Obviously I have my own resources that I have created and absorbed from my teacher training, probation and current year. I have also inherited a lot of resources in my new post. My difficulty comes with what to use, when to use it, if to use it, if to bin it, if you keep it just in case?

All resources for language learning are useful but with the rise in the cost of printing and photocopying is there a need to have so many worksheets in paper form? Am I better to spend the equivilant of a week with a scanner and have electronic copies of everything or should I take the best of what is there are create something new?

I am tempted, at times, to dump the whole lot in the bin or hiding it in a cupboard as the throught of putting it all into folders by topic is despressing to say the least but part of me also know that reinventing the wheel is a complete waste of time and energy.

I have thought of sorting my resource overload in the same way I do my wardrobe – if I haven’t used/worn it after a certain period of time then it should be put out. This too has its problems – the ‘just in case’, ‘perhaps’ and ‘what ifs’ rear their ugly heads and teachers are the most fantastic hoarders as a result.

There is no definitive answer and everyone deals with organising resources in different ways. Here, however, are my top tips for organising resources.

1. Set aside a time for tidying – if you are lucky you may be able to protect one of your free periods for this. Don’t use it for anything else.

2. Be ruthless – you don’t need 25 copies of the same sheet. Keep one. This goes for past papers too.

3. 1 topic at a time – don’t try to do everything at once. If it is health you are doing with S2 just now then concentrate on organising that bit – comparitives and superlatives can wait!

4. Get rid of videos and tapes – you aren’t going to use them. They are just taking up space.

5. Electronic organising is just as important as paper organising – keep you files up to date and back them up. I copy my memory stick on to my home computer once a fortnight just in case something happens.

And finally

Pretty stationary is always a good thing.




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