Moving from exhell to excel


For years I had a backlash against excel spreadsheets. To me they provoked too many questions. They changed things I didn’t want to be changed. It was never as neat as I wanted it to be. They reminded me of endless hours of imputing in a previous job. And, they said the dreaded word equations which automatically makes me tense up.

However, I have now had an epiphany and a change of heart about excel. I have actually started using them and I have to say I misjudged them. They are extemely useful for recording results and progress in a format that is easily readable and can create consistancy across a department – one tab for each class. They also take up a lot less space and are easier to format that endless word documents.

The trick is to have someone to create a template for you that you can modify easily and imput the information for your own classes. I’ve been very lucky to have that and it makes a world of difference to see how to use and manipulate it properly.

I know the tech savvy out there will think this is all old hat but for those of us who forsook computing aged 13 this is a revelation.

Here are some things I have discovered in my move from exhell to excel:

1. Merging cells / creating headers

2. Using smilies to grade rather than marks – finally a reason for wingdings font!

3. Freezing the name cells so that you still know who you are clicking on when you’ve moved along

4. Colour coding – who is doing well, who is doing ok, who needs a hand – all at a glance

5. Being able to share results easily and reliably


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