Displays – if you’ve got it flaunt it!

Those who know me will know that I like a good display. This is much more usual in primary teachers and perhaps this is something that I have picked up from my mum. However, I like to showcase my pupils’ work outside of the classroom in the corridor display boards. I feel that it projects a good impression of my classes and also shows other teachers what sort of things I am doing.

if you've

Here are my top 10 tips for displays:

1. Keep it current – make sure that your display is up to date and relevant.
2. Use colour – make it eyecatching and interesting.
3. Have a black space filler – if you take something down make sure you have something to put in its place, if not another display then a good poster. Trust me people will notice the blank space.
4. Describe it – put a little description of what it is that you are displaying, it may be obvious to you but not to everyone else!
5. Be diplomatic – obviously not every child can have their work displayed all the time especially if you have large classes but try and make sure that everyone gets their work up at some point.
6. Keep a record – I take a photo of what I’ve put up, if you’ve put work into it then it why not record what you’ve done
7. Get help – get help to put up and take down your displays, I find that this is a good job for pupils who have finished their work.
8. Use written work – printing reports or reviews on coloured paper keeps your display bright and eyecatching
9. Don’t overcrowd it – simple and effective will always look better than crowding it with things
10.Take everything down before the summer holidays – start the new year fresh

And finally

Don’t be afraid to show off what you are doing in your classroom


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