From meltdown March to accomplished April

As the new term starts and the days lengthen and become brighter, secondary teachers move from the mad meltdown of March with its assessment deadlines and stress levels through the roof to having a bit more time to sort things out with the advent of study leave in April.


As last term progressed my classroom became progressively more cluttered and the thought of doing filing and organising courses for new incoming classes seemed like a pipe dream. However, now that I am on the other side of the tunnel and survived it I know that there is no point in trying to do any extra sorting etc in March. March is not the time for that sort of thing it is the time for finishing, nagging, final deadlines, threats and relief that you survived the term without falling into a stress induced coma. I was definitely the bottom fish in the picture above. April however, and being the first fish is a much more accomplished and satisfying prospect. Getting all the jobs done that you’ve been unable to do since the new year

Here are my top tips for an accomplished April:

1. Make lists – I love lists. Make sure you have 2 – 1 for current classes and ongoing timetable and 1 for things that you need to get done in the background.

2. One job at a time – don’t try and do it all at once. You’ll just end up with more mess than you started with.

3. Make it manageable – split up the big jobs. Organise Higher Course is the overall aim but that has a lot of elements to it. Also you’ll be able to tick things off the list more quickly which will make you feel like you have achieved.

4. Timing – how long have you got on each day. Use it effectively.

5. Focus – there is a temptation to relax a bit too much when you have less timetabled classes.

And finally

Don’t forget the please takes! -You will still get these as there are a lot of trips that start to go away at this time and other departments will have timetabled dedicated study classes. Don’t be under the impression that your time is all yours!


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