Rock Challenge

During the course of the year I was involved in Rock Challenge in my school. It was the first time that our school had taken part and it was a great thing to do. For those who don’t know Rock Challenge is an annual inter-school dance competition that takes place all over the country. Highland region is very new to this but it is well established in other areas. Schools pick a theme or story and then tell it in an 8 minute performance with marks awarded for choreography, costume, lighting, set design and use, make up and many other areas. Back stage and lighting are just as important as the performers and the group have to fund raise everything themselves.

Being a staff member on this project was exciting but also a huge commitment and I wasn’t even the lead teacher. For the school as a whole it was a bit of a baptism of fire but we learned a lot of valuable lessons. Here are the main things I learned that hopefully we can put into practice next year:

  1. Get as many staff members involved as possible – we probably didn’t have enough
  2. Techi department staff are your new best friends – props and set are a must
  3. Choose your theme and concept as early as possible – we took a bit long to get started
  4. Have one lead admin teacher – there is a lot of admin involved.
  5. Decide on costumes / make up early
  6. Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise
  7. Be really strict about attendance at rehersels
  8. Set / back stage crew need to practice with the dancers
  9. Make sure people in the school know about it
  10. You’ll never believe what the performance day involves till you are actually there! – it is a crazy, tiring, full on day.

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