Choir family

It is often said that being in a Gaelic choir is like being part of a family. But to me that doesn’t cover it – being in a Gaelic isn’t like being a family it is a family. I have been immensely fortunate to have been part of this world since I was 16 and […]

Radio silence over

Apologies for the radio silence over the last 3 months – due to moving house and the incapability of internet provider to re-connect a phone line for 8 weeks followed by the summer holidays. However, I am back to my blogging ways with a veritable avalanche of blog posts coming over the next few days […]

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

When the bold writing on the cover exclaims ‘winner of the man booker prize’ there is a certain amount of expectation in opening a book. This was the case with Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, a book which I have seen on Waterstone’s shelves and tables constantly for nearly 15 years. However, with high expectations […]

Resource overload

I have a problem. You might think it isn’t an important problem and you may thing ‘I should be so lucky’. However, my name is Miss Smith and I have too many resources. Obviously I have my own resources that I have created and absorbed from my teacher training, probation and current year. I have […]

The muse has descended again

With a couple of weeks holiday in prospect my songwriting and singing have come back to the fore instead of teaching. With help from my flatmate and his transcribing skills a new sea song Moladh Bean Ronaidh was completed last night and a today a couple of new songs have started to take form. I’ve […]